The Canadian Federation of Library Association and the Manitoba Library Association have made the decision to cancel the upcoming National Forum and Manitoba Libraries Conference, April 6-8 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Please visit the CFLA-FCAB Website for full details.


Adapted from the Code of Conduct for CFLA-FCAB Events and the Code4Lib Creative Commons Conference Code.

CFLA-FCAB and the MLC 2020 Planning Committee are dedicated to providing a positive event experience for all participants, and expects  attendees, speakers, exhibitors, volunteers, and staff to show respect and courtesy toward one another at all conference and conference-related events. We value ideas, thoughts and expression, and we appreciate new pedagogy when delivering workshops and sessions. Discriminatory language and imagery is not appropriate for any event venue, including talks, workshops, sessions or any community event online or in a face to face environment. We do not tolerate harassment of any form. Harassment includes offensive verbal comments or non-verbal expressions related to gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religious beliefs, sexual or discriminatory images in public spaces (including online), deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention.

Reporting Process

Upon receipt of a report (whether written or verbal) by an individual, the MLC 2020 Planning Committee will take appropriate steps to investigate and address the matter.  These steps may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Where a verbal complaint has been received, ask the complainant to put their concerns in writing;

  2. Request that the respondent reply to the report in writing;

  3. Investigate the allegations of discrimination / harassment;

  4. Meet with the concerned parties;

  5. Mediate the dispute;

  6. If the circumstances require, the MLC 2020 Planning Committee may make interim orders to protect the safety and health of the complainant and other attendees, including temporary suspensions from specific spaces or facilities pending the resolution of the complaint, any of which must be reported immediately to the Code of Conduct Administrators.

  7. All measures will be taken to ensure the dispute is dealt with in a confidential manner.

If the report is made against a MLC 2020 Planning Committee member, they will not be involved in the resolution.

Incidents may be reported by email or in person. At least two MLC 2020 Planning Committee members will be designated as the Code of Conduct Administrators.


In the unfortunate event that MLC 2020 participants witness any racist, sexist, ableist or other discriminatory behaviour, we ask that they consider their role as bystanders and feel empowered to respond in a way that positively influences the outcome.

If at any time a participant feels that they have been harassed or that the Code of Conduct has been breached, it is important that the participant report the incident to a member of the MLC Planning Committee.

Adapted from the WILU 2019 Bystander Intervention Guideline.


MLC encourages presenters to think about the inclusions and exclusions in your presentations.  If possible follow these guidelines to make your presentation as inclusive as possible:

  • Use simple, plain language and avoid jargon or acronyms. Examine your presentation for language that reflects your privileges and biases. Make assumptions and ethical considerations explicit.
  • Provide your presentation to the programming committee in advance of the presentation with speaking notes, a script, or a clear and detailed outline. This will aid people who cannot auditorily or otherwise process your talk to look over it in advance.
  • If you are using a slide presentation, focus on accessibility. Uncluttered backgrounds, 20+ san serif fonts with high contrast, not too much text per slide, and no flashing or blinking will help. Patterns and labels, rather than colour, can help make charts and graphs more accessible for those with colour blindness.
  • Consider bringing handouts in large, well-spaced print.
  • Use the microphone. Always. The audience will be provided with microphones as well but in the event that someone insists on not using a mic please repeat what they are asking over the microphone.
  • Provide audio descriptions of all of your images and graphics during the presentation. If you include videos ensure they are captioned and if there is flickering or flashing, please include a warning at the start of your talk.

Adapted from WILU 2019 Accessibility Guidelines for Presenters, , , and


The MLC 2020 Planning Committee asks that all participants be mindful of their social media use while at the conference. If you are planning on taking photos or videos, please ask permission of attendees and session presenters before posting or tagging photos that may be identifying or contain potentially sensitive information.

Adapted from the WILU 2019 Mindful Social Media Guideline.

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